Mission & Philosophy

At Grassi & Co., all of our experiences and credentials blend to create a wealth of knowledge, intelligence and personality, and we all share the same mission:


  • To provide clients with the highest service quality;
  • To meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations;
  • To be entrepreneurial in our style and approach;
  • To treat everyone with dignity and respect;
  • To promote a premier work environment that balances professionalism and fun.


Entrepreneurial Consultants

Though we are a certified public accounting firm, we do not approach our clients’ businesses as typical accountants.  Our firm and our people are entrepreneurial in our style and practical in our approach. We do not simply provide clients with financial statements and tax services; we deliver consultative business advice that helps clients solve challenges and reach new levels of success.


Asking Questions

We start with an in-depth, analytical process of asking questions about your goals and concerns.  By listening to you, we can work in a smooth and seamless manner, often unlocking hidden opportunities to improve your operations.  Perhaps more important than what we say is our ability to listen. Careful, attentive listening positions us to offer you the best advice possible.


A Different Approach

Our firm specializes in a range of industries, in which we have an extensive track record and proven experience. While each client is unique, experience has taught us that the challenges they face are often very similar.  For example, by bringing skills and experiences gained working for a number of clients in a particular industry, we offer new perspectives that can bring true value to our clients.


Curing Clients’ Pain

If you have ever consulted with a hands-on, attentive physician with an excellent bedside manner who asks about your pain, you have an introduction to the Grassi & Co. client experience.  We unearth clients’ pain and apply our skills in business consulting to help solve their problems and free them to pursue more rewarding activities: growing their businesses, motivating their staff and developing strategic plans to be prepared for the future.


Seeing Is Believing

We talk about our approach, our problem-solving skills and our commitment to our clients. However, the best way to understand and experience the Grassi Difference is by speaking with our clients and our people.  To explore the possibility of working with Grassi & Co., we encourage you to call or e-mail us to set up a complementary consultation.