Cyber and Information Security Practice

One doesn’t have to search far to find news about the next company that has been breached. Although your systems may not have been compromised thus far, don’t make the assumption, “It can’t happen here—not to us.”

In today’s business environment, you have a responsibility to your stakeholders, employees, clients and customers to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the critical data that is entrusted to you.  While some may have regulatory compliance, others have a fiduciary responsibility. The fear of appearing in news regarding a security breach of your company’s data, under your watch, is a fear that is increasingly real for so many.

Grassi & Co.’s Cyber and Information Security Practice provides needed peace of mind by helping you understand risk profiles, recognize potential threats, determine risk tolerance and create a cyber and information security roadmap and program.

Our professionals will assist in three very important areas: Strategy, Implementation & Remediation, and Support and will collaborate with you to custom design a program that’s right for you.  Rather than simply inform our clients of vulnerabilities, our professionals, instead, remediate them to ensure reduced exposure.  We provide the necessary professionals and tools to create a security program that protects you.  Our support team includes highly skilled and trained virtual Chief Information Security Officers (vCISO) and Managed Security Services who work in collaboration with our clients every step along the way.

Our team ensures you and your organization are successful at the intersection of building and maintaining a robust cyber and information security program, in addition to providing savings to the bottom line.


Security Program, Compliance, 3rd Party Vendor Risk

Threat Management, Managed Security Services, Identity and Access Management


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