Accounting and Business Consulting Services for the Nonprofit Industry in New York

Not-for-profit organizations face unique challenges as they answer to a wide array of constituents: their Board of Directors, donors, the government, the general public and, most importantly, the people they serve. Grassi & Co.’s Not-for-Profit Practice, one of our fastest growing practices, helps these organizations run non-profit management operations more efficiently so they can spend more time and resources on achieving their missions and less on administrative and financial concerns.

Our Not-for-Profit Practice is led by David M. Rottkamp, CPA and built around a dedicated team of experts, comprised of four partners and 20 staffed professionals who study the industry, building an unmatched knowledge base.  The Practice’s management team, which includes David as well as Stephen Mannhaupt, CPA (Partner)Steven Goldstein, CPA (Partner), Robert Manzella, CPA (Partner), Nina Bahazhevska, CPA (Manager), Mitchell Davis, CPA (Manager), and Jennifer Mosera (Supervisor), have made significant investments of time and resources to understand the issues and challenges facing the non-profit community.  These investments have resulted in value for our clients through our sharing of industry best practices and our providing of insights and updates on changing market conditions and how they impact our clients’ businesses.

Grassi & Co. serves non-profit clients throughout the United States and internationally through Moore Stephens. We have helped a wide range of organizations maximize their assets and expand their efforts, touching more lives and better serving society, including:

  • Developmental disabilities/mental health organizations
  • Social service providers, including health & welfare agencies and human services agencies
  • Special education schools
  • Educational institutions, including private and charter schools
  • Religious institutions, including Diocesan organizations, churches and synagogues
  • Unions and trade associations
  • Membership organizations
  • Foundations
  • Day care centers
  • Arts and cultural organizations
  • Supporting organizations
  • Cemeteries

Grassi & Co.’s Not-For-Profit Practice team has the experience and depth of industry knowledge to help ensure not-for-profit organizations are on the right financial path and help them remain on target. Additionally, the Practice and its clients are supported by our healthcare consultants, Joseph Tomaino (Principal) and Alfonso Conti (Manager).  Together, the experts at Grassi & Co. help not-for-profits run with a strict fiscal discipline, a strong set of internal controls and an efficiency mindset. We accurately and thoroughly communicate the organization’s financial condition, while offering suggestions to help nonprofit management achieve greater success.

In addition to the services we offer all our clients, our Not-for-Profit Practice Team has the capabilities to provide services specific to non-for-profit clients, including:

  • Compliance Audits
  • OMB Circular A-133 Audits
  • Program-Specific Audits
  • Consultation and Preparation for Application for Tax Exempt Status (IRS Form 1023 and 1024)
  • Preparation of Annual IRS and State Filings (CHAR 500, Form 990,990-T, 990-PF, etc.)
  • Board of Directors’ Governance Training and Best Practices


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