Acting CFO



The CFO Advisory Team of Grassi & Co. was called by a $45 million site safety services provider who had terminated their CFO. Grassi & Co. immediately responded as acting CFO with no time to spend with the former CFO.


1. It was apparent that the first order of business was to calm ownership and existing employees who were obviously concerned about the current state of the company, the accounting department's roles and lack of CFO leadership. A kick-off breakfast was arranged to discuss Grassi's approach, and to provide assurances that “business as usual” was the only requirement as we began the engagement.

2. Worked with accounting staff individually to review each person's duties and how they went about executing their responsibilities. Provided guidance and efficient systems to help produce more timely and meaningful reporting.

3.  Assessed the company's cash position and discovered that there was no working cash flow projection. Worked with the company's senior accountant to develop an initial projection and met with accounts receivable personnel to develop a strategy for more effective collections.

4.  Assisted in the budgeting and planning of two major software platform changes – one a major upgrade, the other a completely new migration.

IMPACT: How We Brought Value:

At the end of the process, the clients thanked Bruce for a job well done helping them navigate through what could have been a tumultuous period  in the company's history. The client was able to conduct business with no disruption as they integrated a permanent CFO.

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