Form I-9 Changes

The revisions below were made to reduce errors on the form I-9. The new form was revised on 07/17/2017.  Going forward, use the new form for all new hires.

What are some best practices for form I-9?

  • Completed I-9's must be kept separate from all employee files
  • White-out cannot be used on these forms.  If you cross out information, you must initial the correction
  • Conduct an I-9 audit every year to make sure you are compliant
  • Review the I-9 BEFORE it is filed for errors
  • Provide training to Managers on how to properly fill out the I-9
  • Provide new hires with instructions on the acceptable documents and to bring them on the first day of work
  • Have the employee fill out the I-9 on the first day of work
  • Know your retention requirements
  • If you save identification with the I-9 for one employee, save them for all employees
  • Know what the acceptable forms of documentation are
  • Use E-Verify
  • Identify who can translate the form in your company if needed


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