Grassi Fund Administration Services

Grassi Fund Administrative Services, Inc. (GFAS), a subsidiary of Grassi & Co., has extensive experience in the alternative investments arena, including serving the accounting and administration needs of altenative investment vehicles. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides fund administration services on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, and customizes its service approach based on the needs of our clients' fund requirements.

We work with U.S. and international funds and the best technology to provide our clients with efficient, effective and high-quality service. The GFAS team serves domestic and international clients and has professionals throughout the New York and New Jersey metro areas, including New York City, Long Island, White Plains and Park Ridge, NJ.

Services We Offer:

We believe that in order to properly serve our clients' fund needs, each client must be approached in a manner that best suits their objectives, culture, goals and staff requirements. Every engagement we enter into for fund administration services are tailored specifically to ensure a client's fund is administered to its greatest potential.
  • Record all investment transactions
  • Record all investment income (including corporate actions processing),operating expenses and related accruals
  • Record capital subscriptions and redemptions
  • Reconcile cash balances and investment positions to prime broker and custodians
  • Compute the market value of the portfolio using independent sources, where available
  • Calculate and record securities and foreign exchange gains or losses
  • Calculate and record fee calculations (administration, management and performance/incentive fees/reallocations)
  • Maintain the general and subsidiary ledgers in accordance with the offering document
  • Prepare allocation of fund profit and loss to investors, including special allocations to each series or side pocket
  • Prepare monthly reporting for the fund
  • Calculate investor redemption or distribution payments
  • Shadow accounting

Investor Services:
  • Process investor subscriptions, redemptions, transfers and assignments
  • Maintain the shareholder and limited partner registers
  • Communicate with fund investors 
  • Prepare and publish monthly investor statements
  • Co-sign on bill payments made by the investment advisor on behalf of the Fund

Annual Audit and Tax Assistance Services:
  • Prepare draft financial statements for auditors which include statement of financial conditions, condensed schedule of investments, statement of operations, statement of changes in partners' capital, statement of cash flows, notes to the financial statements and financial highlights in accordance with GAAP
  • Prepare the supporting schedules and work papers to be provided to the fund's independent auditors
  • Prepare the supporting schedules and work papers to be provided to our tax team
  • Assist with the audit and tax preparation as needed