Identity and Access Management


Identity and Access Management: 

IAM enables the right individual to access the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.  Of course, this is easier said than done! IAM also provides improved processes, cost savings and manages your risk within the digital identity ecosystem.  IAM is a critical, as well as a crucial undertaking within your organization and does not only rely on technology skills and understanding, but a solid foundation in business skills.  We will guide you in every aspect of IAM and enable you to be more agile with future business requirements. 
Some of the areas that we focus on are:
  • IAM Governance, Framework and Transformation
  • IAM Program Definition
  • Readiness Assessments and Strategic Roadmap
  • IAM Technology and Vendor Selection
  • Rapid Identity Administration and Governance
  • Large Scale IAM Modernization
  • Packaged PIM
  • IAM Managed Services
  • IAM Integration Factory
  • SSO and Multi Factor Authentication
  • Segregation of Duties