Meet Tyler Rowe

Why did you choose Grassi to start your career?

I started as an intern at Grassi in June 2019. Right from the start of my internship, I felt welcomed and excited to learn new things. The training was helpful as I was given the opportunity to understand the different types of software that are used at Grassi and how to complete various workpapers. Everyone who trained me really cared about making sure I understood everything and was always available if I had any questions throughout the internship experience. Grassi also made sure we had some fun by inviting us to numerous events, like Firm Day and a food tour in NYC. At the end of my internship, I was ecstatic to receive a full-time offer at Grassi. They provided all the materials I needed to complete the CPA exam and made sure I was set up to succeed.

What gets you most excited about coming to work?

The best part of my job is being able to take on new challenges every day. There is always a problem that needs to be solved, and I truly enjoy tackling the problem and coming up with an answer/solution on my own and being able to learn. Even if I can’t figure out the problem on my own, I know there is a colleague around to help me and provide guidance and support.

What makes you want to stay at Grassi?

The work life balance, along with the people who I work with makes me want to stay at Grassi. There is a lot of flexibility, even during busy season. Although there are times I go into the office and to clients, I am still able to work remotely get my work done, while also being able to maintain a social life and enjoy myself outside of work. Everyone I work with at Grassi is also very helpful and is always there if I have any questions.

 What does your typical day at Grassi look like?

My main responsibilities are preparing workpapers and financial statements and actively communicating with clients and team members to make sure everyone is on the same page. My goal is to get every job done in an efficient and timely manner.