Operational Reviews


One of the most important things your business can do to improve its bottom line is to correct its operational inefficiencies - but you can't correct what you don't know. 

Operational reviews conducted by Grassi Consulting solve this problem by closely evaluating your operations and uncovering key areas for improvement. Through strategic interviews of your staff members and executives, our consultants are able to:
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of procedures, policies and job roles
  • Determine if systems and tools are being used to their full potential
  • Assess if your accounting function is running as efficiently as possible
  • Measure the effectiveness of software platforms and identify technology gaps
  • Perform cost analysis of jobs and quantify non-monetary expenses

Our operational reviews are conducted with the goal of helping you find the cost savings, profitability and cultural improvements that come with operating most efficiently. You will receive a detailed report of our findings and recommendations, including practical and objective action items to present to your employees and leadership team.

For more information on the insights and cost savings you can gain from Grassi's operational reviews, please contact Anthony Tomaro, Consulting Services Leader, at 212.223.6017 or atomaro@grassicpas.com.