Security Program:
  • Strategy – Understanding your risk profile, digesting your appetite for risk, embracing your business goals and objectives, and recognizing one-size does not fit all. The Grassi Team will assess your current program and design a meaningful strategy required to give reasonable assurance that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your information—along with the information entrusted to you from clients, customers and partners.  Your executive management and board of directors will have a clear understanding, and peace of mind that you have an executable strategy in place.
  • Transformation - Creating a roadmap and paving the way to build a comprehensive and affordable program requires understanding and commitment from all stakeholders.  Leveraging your strategy, the Grassi Team will work with you to construct a multi-year roadmap that is aligned with your business objectives, risk profile and risk tolerance.  Creating actionable activities along the way will increase your program maturity and help ensure the protection of your information.
  • Security Health Check -  Much like a regularly scheduled check-up with your doctor, it is vital that you assess the state of your program due to ever-changing threats, regulations, technology and human access to your systems.  Our professionals will assist you in performing this health check, identify any vulnerabilities, and provide the medicine to remove the illness. 
  • Policy Enhancement and Design – Employees of your company must have a set of formal rules/policies that they must follow when accessing your data, information and technology.  Having voluminous policies when not required will produce the opposite effect; creating a state of confusion.  Our professionals will help create a meaningful collection of policies that become part of your organization's DNA.  These policies are not just for day-to-day activity, but will serve as your guide should a security breach occur. 
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Office – Having someone responsible for all things cyber and information security can be a daunting task, especially in a company that may not have the resources for a full-time employee.  Grassi's dynamic team will cover all aspects of security.  We assign a dedicated professional with years of experience, some former CISOs, as your personal CISO.  Having someone that you can now rely on, day-in and day-out, will provide the level of assurance the management team, board, advisors and investors are looking for.  While you take care of business and profitability, our professionals will help take care of your security program.