Helping you write the next chapter of your business

When the time comes to sell or transition your business to new hands, don’t face the decision alone. Grassi’s M&A consulting professionals offer a wide range of services to help you prepare your business for sale and avoid surprises along the way.

Our expertly prepared quality of earnings reports and business valuations will help you understand the full value of what your business is worth. With a thorough understanding of your business and its finances, our M&A advisors will also create a Confidential Information Memorandum that clearly and concisely discloses all relevant financial information to potential buyers. 

Your Grassi advisor has your best interests in mind at every step of the sale process, helping you identify and vet potential buyers, negotiate the most favorable terms and understand potential downward price pressures that could threaten deal structure.Before, during and after the transaction is complete, a well-executed due diligence process will result in an easier and more seamless transition for everyone involved.