Tax Controversy


Grassi advises and represents clients in a wide variety of tax controversy matters. 

Our tax controversy services include:

  • Tax Audit Services
    • Federal, State, and Local
    • Income, Sales, Use, Payroll, and Other Types of Taxes
    • Non-Resident Audits
    • Schedules A, C, E Audits
  • Tax Notices
    • Allegations of Omitted Income and Gross Proceeds
    • Unfiled Returns
    • Delinquency Related Penalties
    • Denials of Refund Claims
    • Nexus Issues
    • Revocation of Tax Exempt Status
  • Collection Actions
    • Offer in Compromise
    • Installment Payment Plan
    • Collection Due Process and Collection Appeal Process Hearings
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Delinquent FBAR Issues

We have extensive experience representing our clients in the United States Tax Court as well as in the federal, state, and local administrative appeals venues, such as IRS Appeals, NYS BCMS, and the NYC Bureau of Conciliation.

Our advice and representation extends to our firm's tax compliance and planning groups as part of our tax audit services.  We can help minimize potential tax controversies with taxing authorities, including seeking private letter rulings and other administratively‑issued guidance.



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Stuart Becker Senior Consultant
Robert L. Tobey Partner

Press release

Grassi Expands Tax Practice with Addition of New Partner

Grassi has added a new partner, Robert L. Tobey, CPA, to the firm’s Tax Services practice. In this role, Tobey will provide tax planning services and compliance advice to clients with complex federal, state and local tax issues. 


Articles & Alerts

New York Tax Disaster for New Jersey Residents with NYC Pied-a-terre

A decision by the New York Division of Tax Appeals is the most recent example of New York's aggressive approach to proving statutory residency for taxpayers with secondary residences in New York City and the rest of the state.


Alert: How Meals and Snacks Are Valued For Employers Via TAM

On January 18, 2019, Technical Advice Memorandum (TAM) 201903017 was released concluding that an employer cannot treat free employee meals as excludable under Code Section 119 “convenience of the employer” test. 


Good Books and Good Records Could Keep the IRS At Bay

Just when we thought it was safe to file a tax return, we find the IRS’s strikes again!


EAlert: Capital Gains Reinvested in Qualified Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created code section 1400Z, which is designed to encourage economic growth and development through private investment in specific low income or rural communities and disaster areas.


EAlert: IRS Issues Workarounds for SALT Deduction

On December 22, 2017 President Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. 


Unannounced Visits From the IRS?!

Is your business behind on EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) payments for federal employment taxes?  If so, you may get an unexpected visit from an IRS Revenue Officer as part of the EFTPS Early Alert program being implemented in 2016. The visit will be unannounced and will occur before the employment tax return is filed or tax is assessed. Your late-paid electronic federal tax deposits will trigger an FTD alert that is shared with the IRS in June, September, December and March. This alert will be coded (A) or (B).