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Louis C. Grassi, CPA, CFE CEO, Managing Partner
Jeff Agranoff Chief Human Resources Officer, HR Consulting Principal, NYC Office Market Leader
Elizabeth Gousse Ballotte Principal
Robert M. Bernstein, CPA, ESQ Partner
James Bohl, CPA, MST Partner, President of Grassi Franchise Services, LLC
Robert J. Brewer, CPA, CCIFP Partner
Leonard Carone Partner
Sarah Cirelli Marketing Practice Leader
Jeffrey G. Cohen, CPA Partner, Tax Services Leader
Anthony Dattoma, CPA Principal
Ronald J. Eagar, CPA, CCIFP Partner, Chief Operating Officer
Patrick J. Fahey, CPA Partner
Howard Fielstein, CPA/ABV/CFF, CFE, CIRA, CTP, ASA, CDBV Partner
Chris Fifis Director of Business Development
William E. Fischer, CPA Partner
Derek Flanagan, CPA Partner
David Freda, CPA, CCIFP Partner
Stefania R. Geraci General Counsel
Rozleen Giwani, CPA Partner
Steven Goldstein, CPA, PFS Partner, Sports & Entertainment Practice Leader, White Plains Office Market Leader
Alessandra Grassi Director of Wealth Management Strategies
Robert E. Grote, CPA Partner, Manufacturing & Distribution Practice Leader
Raymond Haller, CPA Partner
Michael Hochman, CPA, CCIFP New Jersey Office Market Leader
William P. Hughes, CPA Partner
Laurie Landry, CPA Principal
Steve Lemke, CPA Principal
Michele Lindner, CPA, CCIFP Principal
Stephen J. Mannhaupt, CPA Partner, Assurance and Attest Services Leader
Anthony Mazza, CPA Principal
Joseph Molloy, CPA Partner, Tax Construction Leader
James O'Brien, CPA, CFF Partner
Carl Oliveri, CPA, CCIFP, CFE, MBA Partner, Construction Practice Leader, NYC Office Market Leader
Tony Panebianco, CPA, TEP Director of Family Office Services
Victoria Pellegrino, CPA Partner, Financial Services Practice Leader
John V. Pellitteri, CPA Partner, Healthcare, Cannabis and Accounting Services Leader
Lou Pizzileo, CPA Partner
Lisa Rispoli, CPA, AEP, TEP Partner, Trust & Estate Services Leader
David M. Rottkamp, CPA Partner, Not-for-Profit Practice Leader
Aaron Rupper, CPA, CCIFP Principal
Maryann Schugmann, CPA Partner
Alan Silverstein, CPA, PFS Principal
Shashi Singal Principal
Paolo Siniscalco Founder and Managing Partner of Siniscalco & Partners
Scott Stern, CPA, CCIFP Principal
Tammy E. Straus, CPA Partner
Robert L. Tobey, CPA Partner
Joseph Tomaino, M.S., RN Partner
Anthony Tomaro, CPA Partner, Consulting Services Leader
Rocco Totino, CPA Partner, Italian Practice Leader
Julie L. Vadnais Chief Administrative Officer
Jessica VanRossem, CPA Director of Human Resources
Alice H. Varisano, CPA Partner
Michael A. Violano, CPA, MST Partner