Threat Management


Threat Management:
  • Vulnerability Assessment - A vulnerability in a computer system allows an attacker to exploit the weakness and gain access to your environment. The goal of this assessment is to identify, quantify and prioritize vulnerabilities foundHighly trained professionals accomplish this using sophisticated tools in addition to manual processes. We not only identify, but also assist with the remediation of the identified vulnerabilities.  Once the environment is secure, we will put a program in place to monitor your systems on an ongoing basis.
  • Penetration Testing – Simply put, a pen test is one of the best ways to identify weaknesses in your computer systems before a hacker does.  Our team performs a penetration test that may be a white box (which provides background and system information) or black box (which provides only basic or no information except the company name). Many organizations perform these tests because of compliance requirements, but all should do this for peace of mind.
  • Social Engineering (Human Firewall Testing) – Most people continue to say the human is the weakest link in cyber security.  We agree, and that is why we perform various assessments of any employee, contractor, partner, or vendor with a series of phishing attacks and then help them understand how to prevent such attacks in the future.  Our team performs these assessments using automated tools and manual processes to help build a stronger defense within your organization.
  • Wireless Assessment – While it makes business sense to use remote access to networks through wireless technologies, what doesn't make sense is that some organizations simply rely on these technologies without ever performing an assessment to identify the holes.  We conduct a wireless assessment and demonstrate how the signal propagates outside of the physical building you are in.  As with all assessments, we assist in fixing any identified problems and continue to monitor them on an ongoing basis.