At Grassi & Co., we encourage the growth and development of all of our employees. We are committed to a high-performance culture, which means providing our employees with the opportunities to enhance their skills and maximize their impact on the Firm and our clients.   We believe in helping you reach both your personal and professional potential. The Firm has dedicated significant resources to make Grassi & Co. the Best of the Best by fostering the growth and development of our team's technical, interpersonal and soft skills—enabling all of our employees to become well-rounded and successful professionals.

At Grassi & Co., you will benefit from our:
  • Mid-year and year-end performance review program
  • Peer partner program
  • Career coaching program
  • Technical and soft skill training program
  • Leadership team, which is actively involved in guiding your development
  • Accelerated career paths for high performers
  • Performance-based incentives and compensation