Woman of Distinction

Annie Phillips, a Tax Admin Manager at Grassi & Co., has been named a Woman of Distinction by the New York State Senate!  This past January, Annie made a very heroic and selfless decision when she donated one of her kidneys to a family friend. At the end of this past Summer she discovered that a close friend's kidneys were failing when the family started a social media campaign to try to find a living donor (the average wait for receiving a kidney from a deceased donor is 4-5 years). Annie submitted  forms to be tested on whether she could be a donor since she knew they had the same blood type. Three months later, she received a call from the transplant center asking if she could begin testing in a month, after another potential donor was not cleared. Annie tested a month later and was approved as a donor—the surgery was scheduled to take place the following month.
The surgical procedure took roughly five hours to perform and resulted in a permanent loss of 25-35% of Annie's total kidney function. As with any surgery there are risks involved. Nationwide, approximately 7.9% of donors experience surgical complications such as bleeding or infection. Annie's surgery was successful and she experienced no complications. The transplant center is tracking her health for the next two years to ensure there are no complications and her single kidney continues to function well. The main health concern for all donors is dehydration and certain medications that can cause complications post-donation.
The recipient's surgery was also a success and both are doing well!
We are grateful to have an asset like Annie working for us here at Grassi & Co. and wish her and her kidney recipient a long road of health ahead!
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