Workforce Planning



People are your business's greatest asset and the primary driver of its success. It takes careful planning and strategic decisions to keep your workforce on track toward achieving your long-term business goals.

Grassi's Workforce Planning services ensure your workforce is running at optimum efficiency and is always well-aligned with your business vision and objectives. Our Human Resources Consulting
professionals guide you through the evaluation, decision-making, and implementation stages of the planning process to deliver a clear path to improved employee workflows, performance and

Services Include:

• Workforce Evaluations
• Organizational Alignment
• Business Continuity Plans
• Emergency Response Consulting
• Job Analysis
• Forecasting and Analysis of Workforce Data
• Personnel Management
• Employee Training
• Executive Recruitment
• Technology Assessments
• HR and Finance Department Outsourcing

Crisis Response Services

In times of crisis, our Workforce Planning services can help you lead your business and employees confidently and strategically. Trust your human capital to Grassi's Workforce Planning specialists and  get the support you need to make the best decisions for your company and its people.


Reopening Your Business Episode II

Join us for the next episode in our new webinar series, Reopening Your Business, and begin to plan actionable steps toward restarting your operations and workforce.